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Intellectual Property

Although the premier product of the Company is the Protectus Safety Syringe, the Company is adapting its safety technology to other unique and patentable safety medical (percutaneous) devices for other significant applications. These include: (a) a Safety Dental Syringe, (b) a Safety IV Catheter, (c) a Safety Phlebotomy device and (d) a manually operated safety syringe for use in certain international markets, as well as specific applications within the United States.


Patent coverage for the Protectus Safety Syringe in the US, Europe, Australia, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Taiwan, India and other select international venues has been obtained. Patent coverage for the Protectus Safety Dental Syringe and the Protectus Safety IV Catheter, as well as certain other safety features of the Protectus Safety technology have also been obtained in the US. Initial design drawings for the Safety Phlebotomy Device has been completed and the design is well into the patent specification phase.

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