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Our Mission

At Protectus Medical Devices, we aren't just in the medical device business; we're in the business of saving lives.

The Protectus Safety Syringe solves a myriad of problems associated with needlestick injuries that have plagued the healthcare workplace for decades causing tens of thousands of cases of bloodborne diseases, which, in turn, lead to hundreds of deaths annually in the U.S. alone.


Our mission is to dramatically enhance workplace safety for healthcare workers and patients and to have a significant impact on reducing healthcare costs (billions of dollars annually) that are associated with the follow-up and reporting activities federally mandated for all needlestick injuries, as well as for treatment of the resulting diseases.

The Protectus Safety Syringe is the only safety syringe in existence today that meets all criteria of the federal mandate for safety syringes in the US, particularly, the automatic, self-sheathing criteria.


Owing mainly to the fact that the design of the Protectus device was conceived out of the results of extensive interviews with healthcare workers and users most at risk in the workplace, the device is not only user-friendly, but efficacious, giving the user the protection and confidence needed to do his/her job efficiently without the fear of injuries from contaminated needles.

The Protectus Safety Syringe was also designed with clear manufacturing principles and assembly logistics in mind, allowing efficient and cost-effective manufacture and automated assembly that, in turn, allow the Company to offer this long-awaited solution to the healthcare industry at prices only modestly higher than conventional syringes, while at the same time allowing respectable margins for profitability. 

The simple fact that there have been so many different attempts to find an efficacious safety syringe design is testimony (a) to its high level of importance to the healthcare industry and (b) that, until now, the solution had not been found. The Protectus solution is the universal solution and is tantamount to the Holy Grail of percutaneous devices, not just for the safety syringe application, but for other key applications, as well.

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