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The DIFFERENTIAL ADVANTAGES of the Protectus Safety Syringe over other syringes are:

  1. The Protectus device is automatic, self-sheathing, requiring no intentional activation by the user.

  2. The device has a permanent lock that is easily activated after injection.

  3. The needle can be changed or replaced safely without exposing an unprotected needle.

  4. The Protectus syringe functions as a standard hypodermic syringe with its added safety features.

  5. The user can safely transport the syringe without recapping the needle.

  6. The sheath maintains a barrier between the hands and the needle when not in use.

  7. The Protectus device cannot be locked with the needle exposed.

  8. The Protectus syringe is locked and safe if intentional control of the device is lost.

  9. The Protectus device is user-friendly and has shown strong acceptance in clinical trials.

  10. The Protectus syringe is fully compliant with federal and state laws and with the OSHA Mandate.

  11. Use of the Protectus device provides immediate healthcare cost savings to the user institutions.

  12. The Protectus device is efficacious and cost-effective.

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