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When Safety Means Your Life

Protectus Medical Devices has developed and patented innovative safety medical percutaneous devices with the goal to reduce needlestick injuries worldwide. 

Needlestick Injury Crisis


Over 10 Billion hypodermic syringes are sold in the USA each year, but nearly one million of these cause accidental needlestick injuries (grossly under-reported).

Tens of thousands of cases of bloodborne diseases are contracted annually through needlestick injuries, such as Hepatitis and AIDS.


Workplace safety for healthcare workers and patients is compromised, leading to diseases, fatalities, and pyschologiccal distress.

OVER $3 BILLION in unnecessary follow-up medical costs incurred by healthcare insitutions and insurance companies.

Our Services

Our Solution

  • Automatic, self-sheathing hypodermic safety syringe - Fully compliant with the OSHA mandate and federal law. 

  • Safe while in use; automatically locked and safe if user loses control of the device.

  • Appropriate for general use. 

  • User-friendly: requires minimal training

  • Permanent lock disables device and prevents reuse

  • Can change needle safely without exposure to an uncapped needle.

Protectus Safety Syringe

The Protectus Safety Syringe design utilizes a spring-biased sheath that becomes automatically locked over the needle upon withrdawal of needle from injection site or if the user loses intentional control of the device.

Competitive Advantage

The Protectus device is automatic, self-sheathing, requiring no intentional activation by the user.


The Protectus device solves many of the issues addressing the needlestick injury crisis in the world today. 

Demonstration Video


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